A Casa Portuguesa 

Restaurant - A Casa Portuguesa

- A wonderful sunny day, with a good lunch and an afternoon spent by the pool. -

- A sunny morning, children at the pool, family lunch and a day well spent. -

- Read a good book with the sound of birds and the sea. -

So many options that we can provide you in our Restaurant.

Where you can bring family or friends to spend the day, have lunch and enjoy the pool the rest of the afternoon.

With several meal options. From sautéed prawns and Iberian pork tenderloin to our fresh salads and roasted mushroom with vegetable filling. 

- Fresh drinks from our bar and the best Portuguese wine.

*To book please indicate the chosen dishes*

*The use of the pool is free, but mandatory consumption in the space.*

* The use of sunscreen is prohibited and we do not provide bath towels. * 

* We have ATM and Mbway. * 


Lunch: 10h30 AM - 6 PM Dinner: 1PM - 8PM

Visit our menu and make your reservation with us.  

RESERVATIONS: 935 564 102